About Us

aboutThe programs at Artz 4 Life provide youth with opportunities to explore the arts and develop skills they can use to express themselves in all aspects of their lives, now, and as they chart a course for their future. Studies have shown that art education, as an extension of the classroom and an academic resource, increases learning by enhancing math, reading and writing skills. Art education, stimulates intelligence in our youth during the school year, and throughout their summer hiatus.

Youth who take part in our programs achieve higher educational and personal aspirations by building assets, increasing their effectiveness, resiliency, and academic performance. They are encouraged to set standards and try new and exciting things, reduce at risk behavior by keeping busy and developing skills to make good decisions. They explore several performing arts disciplines and develop skills through multiple learning concepts.

Our organization began as a grass roots organization providing cultural arts dance, drumming and folklore within community settings, organizations and facilities throughout the Tampa Bay area. Since the first dance class in 1991, our organization has developed to include an after school program, summer camp (2) performing arts ensembles, youth mentoring and employment program and annual community performing arts productions.

Artz 4 Life’s Mission is to reinforce resilience to Life’s Challenges by enhancing education, promoting diversity and developing life skills through cultural and performing arts for youth, adults and families.